WeCutFoam Introducing New Product, Combo 2D Vinyl Wrapped Foam Sign With 3D Objects

WeCutFoam, fabricator of custom letters, symptoms, props and exhibits is thrilled to announce the enlargement of its product line to encompass additional vinyl wrapped symptoms with embedded 3-D items. The organisation is now printing massive adhesive patterned vinyl prints wrapping it around foam portions then gluing 3 dimensional gadgets and props on pinnacle. Consequently, imparting aggregate of symptoms, letters and logo with sticking out objects.

The company has purchase extensive format printer permitting printing of up to 80 inch extensive adhesive vinyl with styles and designs that may be adhered to foam boards and foam portions. These are designs which are tough or impossible to paint by means of hand, with bright hues and complex styles. The three dimensional objects, being machined on CNC routers milling machines are glued within the wrapped foam and with the aid of sticking out they absolutely turn any 2nd product right into a 3-d one. The flat signs and letters are going via a "face carry" upgraded to a more alive product.

Manufacturing manager, Francisco Flores believes the brought carrier and product is aligned with the organization's project to deliver more innovations and cost effective but inventive option to its clients. "there are so many superb things that may be executed with a huge-layout printer, that we couldn't have accomplished or fabricate prior to having this gadget. Not only we will print big scale vinyl paper and wrap it on foam to create signs and symptoms, but we also can attach other artifacts and materials to it to make it appearance alive and actual", stated Francisco.

This added product will by and large benefit branding groups looking to promote their logo call, corporations seeking to make a sturdy professional statement at the entrance to their facility, companies looking for to create particular and special signal statements for exchange shows and meetings or any commercial enterprise that is looking to stand out inside the crowd by using having a focus appealing work of art. It is also a low price décor solution for keep front windows because the signs and symptoms are cheaper than developing a full scale prop, yet they maintain the features of prop inside a flat floor sign.