Make More Sales By Being Contrary

Here's some thing i've been gambling with, and my results have been quite top, too.

Some months in the past a chum became launching a big product with masses of cash prizes for the top associates. I knew there would be tons of affiliate competition, with every associate looking to out-do the others with larger and higher bonuses.

A way to compete?

I determined now not to.

Instead, I notion approximately what every associate's bonus pages would appear like: fantastically polished, slick, expert, plenty of graphics, films, and so forth.

Odds are they might all begin to appearance very a whole lot alike, proper?

So I thought... What if I did some thing different?

What if my page looked like something you would possibly get within the mail - black and white sales letter, the use of the Courier typewriter font, very vintage-faculty looking...

And what if, as opposed to a fantastically polished expert image of myself, I used one in which I simply woke up? Or one wherein I simply completed exercise, or just finished the backyard work?

In other phrases, I seemed just like the man round the corner and no longer a few slick marketer.

Taking this questioning to the next stage, I decided I did not need to spend time or money on developing a bonus. Every person else become doing that, so why have to I?

As a substitute, i'd maintain a stay magnificence. The homework would be to head over the program earlier than elegance. Then in class we might put in force, step-via-step, what turned into inside the application. And i'd file the whole thing, so people could just follow along.

If you're wondering - it labored beautifully. My income were a very first rate five parent quantity, and my commissions were half of that plus bonuses.

And one extra factor - I cheated, too. I had my virtual assistant run the magnificence for me. She were given to examine some terrific new skills, and that i placed less than 2 hours into the entire assignment.

The takeaway: when you have a number of opposition, it is time to stop immediately competing and locate any other way.

If they may be the use of heaps of pictures and slick videos, you go with a 1980's black and white typewriter appearance.

If they may be presenting bonus programs packed with five, 10 or 20 products, you offer no merchandise (I supplied keep-your-hand schooling, which in my opinion is worth far greater besides.)

You get the idea.

Do you already know what would paintings even higher than that?

MAILING the actual letter. Yup. Talk approximately antique college. If you acquire actual addresses of your shoppers, you would possibly don't forget doing this on large price tag items.

I know marketers who do that. They're few and far among, and they are KILLING it. They only mail to buyers, which greatly improves their conversions. They use a service to ship out the mailers for them. And they make more on such a mailings than most successful marketers earn in 6 months.

Which brings me to my second concept... If you do not already have the mailing addresses in your shoppers, begin collecting the ones now.

If you have a giant part of them (at least 200, ideally 500) technique a marketer with a product your list would like. Ensure there is plenty of income in that product. Take the income letter, adapt it to a black and white mailer (reasonably-priced to produce) and send it to your buyers.

See what occurs. Tweak, rinse and repeat.

You can easily DOUBLE your income the use of this approach.

Realize why? Once more, because it's contrary. It's unique. Almost no person is doing it.

Your purchaser receives maybe a 1/2 dozen portions of mail in a day. Two are bills.  Are income flyers from neighborhood agencies. One is a catalog.

After which there's that mysterious white envelope. Yeah, it'll get opened. Sure, it'll get examine.

Wow! They may be amazed. A person they know from online is sending them real MAIL.

They don't throw it out. Alternatively, they open their browser, kind inside the URL and ORDER this system.

Certain, no longer all people does, however... Enough do. Agree with me, i have visible this paintings time and time once more. That's why i am about to start sending out income letters thru snail mail (Shhh, don't inform anybody!)